La meilleure peinture naturelle et écologique à Montréal : Graphenstone chez Domeco

The best natural and ecological paint in Montreal: Graphenstone at Domeco

100% biodegradable paint without toxic agent for pregnant women, sensitive people and/or in the presence of young children.

Domeco, a store located on Rachel Street in Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal, is proud to partner with the Spanish brand Graphenstone to promote their exceptional quality products in Quebec.

The natural, eco-friendly satin finish paint is easy to apply, leaving a perfectly uniform finish.

This paint contains lime paint which acts as a natural preservative, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals and/or carcinogenic materials. Made with Graphen technology, it offers strength and durability.

- Painting that holds more than 16 certifications
- Natural paint based on lime and graphene technology

- Thermal conductivity contributes to energy saving
- Flexible, crack-free
- Antibacterial properties
- Anti-mold
- Biodegradable life cycle
- Highly breathable paint
- No VOC emissions
- Excellent covering power
- Washable and very resistant
- Satin finish
- Water-based paint
- 100% biodegradable

Domeco offers a selection of gallons in the most popular colors in store. It is entirely possible to order custom orders according to their 970 available colors and receive them within 2 working days.

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