Main d'oeuvre spécialisée de peintre-artisan en pose d'enduit à la chaux (effet béton ciré)

Specialized painter-craftsman labor in laying lime plaster (waxed concrete effect)

In order to grow ecological renovation projects in an affordable manner, Domeco offers individuals a network of professionals in the application of lime plaster, this healthy natural product for your home.

  • Works supported

    ✓ Decorative wall

    ✓ Counter

    ✓ Backsplash

    ✓ Shower walls

    ✓ Work plan

    ✓ Firebox

    ✓ Furniture

    ✓ Stairs

    ✓ Floor

  • Good to know

    ✓ Time required to complete the work: between 3 and 5 days

    ✓ Lime coating gives the same effect as the application of polished concrete but it is 100% ecological, see here

    ✓ The lime coating is permeable to water vapor and allows its support to breathe

    ✓ Several color choices available, see here

    ✓ Possibility of applying a completely waterproof varnish when required.

    ✓ Places on old tiles

Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, Estrie

We serve several regions of Quebec. You will be directed to the certified specialist in our network in your region once the quote request is completed and approved.

Visit the full page on our specialized labor service.

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