Peinture minérale à la chaux à Montréal : projet à faire soi-même !

Lime painting in Montreal: do-it-yourself project!

Here, at Domeco on Rachel Street in the iconic Plateau Mont-Royal district, you'll find limewash paint (some call it limewash paint ) sold in gallons to complete your textured wall project by yourself!
Our range of lime paint is marketed to be ready to use and is applied to walls whose surfaces are prepared accordingly: joints drawn, screws clogged, imperfections repaired.
We are the only resellers in Quebec of Graphenstone lime paint imported from Spain, which is 100% ecological.
These are the characteristics:
  • This paint absorbs CO 2 from the surrounding air during the curing process.
  • Ecological product with a natural base and no VOC emissions.
  • Thanks to the innovation with graphene fibers, it is more resistant and durable.
  • Formula improved through innovation with graphene fibers.
  • A 3.75L container covers 240 square feet, but you have to think about doubling its surface area since the product must be applied in 2 coats.

We also offer workshops for those who would like to test the different application techniques before embarking on their project!

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