Pourquoi payer plus cher pour de la peinture écologique?

Why pay more for eco-friendly paint?

Refreshing your home with the idea of ​​repainting your walls can be a good monetary expense when you see the price of gallons sold in stores. On the other hand, we assure you that you have everything to gain from investing an additional sum for ecological paint!

The cost is not only the only indicator to take into account when you start your refreshment project, you must also focus on the health of you and the loved ones who live in your home, the harmful effects that persist for 10 years ahead, the conservation of your building and, of course, planetary consciousness.

We have simplified the information for you by preparing the 5 best reasons to choose ecological interior paint.

  • 1. The air inside your home is on average 5X more polluted than the air outside

Eco-friendly and natural paints help remove CO2 from the air, dramatically improving your air quality.

  • 2. Standard paints are composed of chemical additives, toxic compounds and VOCs.

Exposure to these components, especially VOCs, causes short-term headaches, coughing, skin irritations and inflammation of the respiratory system.

  • 3. Standard paints give off toxic fumes during and after application.

Even if there is ventilation of the rooms and the house, the fumes are impregnated in the rugs, the fabrics and the furniture for 5 to 8 years following the application.

  • 4. Your walls need to breathe to wick away moisture and prevent mold from forming over time.

Ecological and natural paints are recognized for their ability to breathe the support to which they are applied and to prevent condensation.

  • 5. Standard paints come from heavy chemistry, or pretrochemistry.

Their manufacture consumes large quantities of non-renewable raw materials, in addition to generating high energy consumption. The products are non-biodegradable and their amount of waste is toxic to the planet.

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