Nancy Manzi

Artisan painter for lime painting walls with a textured effect and for lime plaster projects.

Regions served: South Shore of Montreal, Greater Montreal, and remote travel on request.

Passionate, creative, smiling, meticulous.

  • Lime paint, Earth Clay: Cruz

  • Lime plaster, Ocher A color

  • Lime plaster, Ocher A color

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  • Supported jobs

    ✓ Decorative wall

    ✓ Backsplash on gypsum

    ✓ Bathroom wall

    ✓ Firebox

    ✓ Ceilings

  • Good to know

    ✓ Requires a careful level of preparation

    ✓ Must be applied over primer if original color is too dark

    ✓ Several texture effects are suggested depending on your type of project

    ✓ Possibility of applying a water-repellent sealant or natural wax for damp rooms

  • Supported jobs

    ✓ Decorative wall

    ✓ Counter

    ✓ Backsplash

    ✓ Shower walls

    ✓ Work plan

    ✓ Firebox

    ✓ Furniture

    ✓ Stairs

    ✓ Floor

  • Good to know

    ✓ Time required to complete the work: between 3 and 5 days

    ✓ Lime coating gives the same effect as the application of polished concrete but it is 100% ecological, see here

    ✓ The lime coating is permeable to water vapor and allows its support to breathe

    ✓ Several color choices available, see here

    ✓ Possibility of applying a completely waterproof varnish when required.

    ✓ Places on old tiles

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