All-purpose rubber mat, for gym or exercise equipment, 100% recycled materials 24" X 54"

All-purpose rubber mat, for gym or exercise equipment, 100% recycled materials 24" X 54"

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Rubber mat, for gym, balcony, workstation, Anti-slip and Anti-fatigue

Specially designed to resist weather, UV rays and mildew. Reversible for longer life, easy to install and maintain. Made from 100% recycled rubber

100% made from recycled tires, made in Quebec,

24" X 54"


The Technofloor All Purpose mat slides easily over all surfaces that need to be protected and waterproofed. Made from 100% recycled tyres, the Technofloor All Purpose provides extra comfort and increased stability on a daily basis. In the entrance, under the barbecue, under a bench, under an exercise machine or on a work counter, this multifunctional non-slip mat adjusts very easily to all surfaces and all sizes. It is strongly recommended to ensure that your floor covering is compatible with receiving a rubber-backed carpet.


54" Length X 24'' Width X 1/8'' Thickness


Made from 100% recycled tires

Anti-slip and anti-fatigue

Can be used indoors & outdoors





Fast drying

Easy to trim

Easy to maintain

Made in Quebec, Canada

Eco-friendly attributes


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