Anne Grillot, Designer-owner


    You can trust Anne for her work in her field of study par excellence as a freelance interior designer since her graduation in 2015 from LaSalle College.

    Winner of the Habitat Design Prize in 2017, she has proven herself in the industry by bringing differentiation with the human-centered design approach that she does not hesitate to pass on to you to ensure the sustainability and harmony of a project.

    It accumulates office development projects, local businesses, residences for individuals, new home projects, real estate projects and more.


    You will be amazed by the feedback and exchanges with Anne, because for her, customer service must be quick and easy. Each project she conceives or each advice she transmits must be worthy of a good understanding to guarantee a guaranteed success. In constant learning, Anne perfects her knowledge, among other things, thanks to the management program at Laval University, training in PMP project management, her involvement as a member of the JCCM, Groupe 3737, and Femmes en mouvement. of Desjardins. It is with a combination of her years of entrepreneurship, work experience and additional training that she founded Domeco Inc. with the aim of making it easier for people to buy better products for their renovation project.


    Innate and acquired manual skills, juggling between furniture restoration, renovation and craftsmanship, Anne has perfected herself as the only trainer in Quebec of Stonat lime rendering products imported from Belgium. Anne comes to your home to carry out your custom projects related to her products, in addition to giving workshops to individuals wishing to make their home project a success on their own. Always keeping in mind her eco-responsible values, paint and lime plaster are, according to her, the best refreshing products. For their versatility, the minimalist aspect, their affordable price and to enlarge the strong trend of Southern Europe which is born in Quebec, you will like these products just as much as she does.

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Approaching your house project with sensitivity, time and openness will probably lead you to an unexpected result allowing you to live in an environment that goes beyond the limits of your inspirations.

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