We share our expertise, our passion and unique advice to support you in a personalized way according to your project.


    We offer a service by appointment with the aim of creating a network of unique relationships with complete confidence and being able to build together.


    We provide healthy and sustainable solutions to housing projects with people invested in the desire to have a positive environmental impact.

Topics covered for an appointment

  • New construction

  • Residential renovation

  • Exploratory meeting for design services

  • Real estate development

  • Designers / Architects

  • Tourist, cultural and hotel experiential project

  • D-Block custom furniture

  • Products on order

  • Home labor project (you must have completed a quote request and have your quote number on hand)

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It is possible to reserve 2 consecutive time slots for a total of one hour of reservation depending on the scale of your project. You can write us an introductory email to confirm the expected time needed at service@domeco.ca.

Meet Anne, designer-owner

My mission is to raise your level of well-being through a healthy transformation of interior spaces while respecting your budget and your aspirations.

Your first point of contact.

Anne excels in the design of organic interior spaces centered on the human-environment relationship. Concerned about a better world, Anne specializes in the field of ecological housing through her knowledge of healthy products and sustainable materials. A close-knit clientele that forges valuable connections through a shared objective.

A graduate in the field for 9 years, holder of additional training in project management (PMP) and LEED, winner of the 2018 Habitat Design Prize and participant in numerous continuing training courses, her acquired knowledge and experience make it possible to offer people to begin a renovation project with complete peace of mind. With a well-defined guideline and a conceptual plan thought out from several angles, your project will be structured to save time and money, and where each decision will be justified in advance with the aim of having a final result -beyond expectations.

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