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  • Projet de rénovation

    - Cuisine et salle de bain

    - Rafraichissement petit budget

    - Restauration de vieux bâtiment

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  • Projet de construction

    -Maison neuve

    - Corporatif

    - Immobilier

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  • Projet d'aménagement

    - Textile écologique

    - Plantes et biophilie

    - Meubles revalorisés

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Turnkey service to acquire carbon-neutral certified ecological counters

Take advantage of a free in-home meeting with one of our affiliated designers. Region of Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, Estrie, Gatineau.

From taking measurements to producing technical plans and choosing one of the most ecological countertops on the market through installation, we've got you covered!

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Local reference that brings together products, services and tools to facilitate your eco-friendly renovation projects

We are everything exept the big box model!

We have niche ecological, local and/or certified products to help you discover alternative solutions to integrate into your home project.

We offer human service, personalized advice, home meetings, reflection on thoughtful purchases, learning workshops, encouragement to reuse, and much more!

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lucie jammes

A wonderful online business, with a storefront on top of that! Their corporate mission is so topical! What about the owner, Anne, who is so competent and in such good taste! Domeco is my way of shopping, and protecting my planet 💕

Maryse Bergeron

Superb company with a current mission which is eco-responsible consumption, for renovations, construction or design with 100% ecological products. In addition, the owner is a passionate person who does not hesitate to pass on this passion to us. I recommend.

Polly little dots

A beautiful shop that offers a new angle for work and decoration in a real ecological, local and sustainable approach! With beautiful workshops for our DIY, definitely to come and discover!

Michel Bolduc

Impeccable service and eco-responsible products. What more. I highly recommend.

Mary Demers

I buy online and am very satisfied with the products, they are as described on the site!

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