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Lime plaster: the ideal coating for a shower worthy of a Tuscan bathroom

L'enduit à la chaux: le revêtement idéal pour une douche digne d'une salle de bain à la Toscane
Lime plaster: the ideal coating for a shower worthy of a Tuscan bathroom
Do you want to integrate a shower covering that follows the current trend? We suggest lime coating, a most suitable finish for your project. Although lime render offers a unique finish, it is above all appreciated for its characteristic of being a natural material beneficial for comfort, for the health of occupants and for the health of the built environment.

Why choose lime coating for a shower project, compared to polished concrete or micro cement?

The walls breathe
The permeability coefficient of lime plasters is expressed in mu value. For lime plaster, the mu is three times higher than that of cement, the number 1 ingredient in polished concrete or micro cement recipes. Lime-based decorative coatings are therefore more breathable, which eliminates problems linked to water condensation, humidity and, ultimately, mold. Lime plaster is permeable to water vapor but impermeable to water.

Lime plaster has a property of malleability, both in elasticity and in resistance. It is in line with the flexibility of its support on which it is applied.

Lime render has healthy properties for the built environment, it is hygienic. Not only does it provide a breathable environment, you can say goodbye to stagnant dust thanks to its feature of being anti-static. Unlike ceramic, lime plaster has low thermal conductivity, which contributes to well-being. The lower the conductivity of a material, the more insulating it is.

A healthy, natural and ecological coating

Although many can become mixed with the many solutions offered on the market, you will appreciate lime plaster for its matte appearance, even applied in a shower. It calls for traditions, the organic and the natural aspect that we like to integrate into our interiors. With 100% natural ingredients, it exudes an aesthetic in this sense, unlike other coatings which have synthetic adjuvants.

The possibility of having a lime coating coating in Quebec

Do you want to use this type of finish in your home project? We offer a team of professionals who have the expertise to make your project a success. Visit the tab here i to find out more.

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