7.5" X 7.5" Patterned Clay Tile, 100% Natural, For Flooring - Emmeline

7.5" X 7.5" Patterned Clay Tile, 100% Natural, For Flooring - Emmeline

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Glazed and fired, you'll love these natural clay tiles for their clean lines, durable finish and low maintenance. Clay pattern tiles are a more "liveable" version of high maintenance cement tiles. They are also much easier to install and require no gaskets! Since our clay pattern tiles are designed to be a low maintenance alternative to cement tiles, you can use these beauties almost anywhere.

Tile size: 7.5" X 7.5"
Finish: Matte, smooth texture
V2 Variation : Light. Distinct texture and/or pattern differences in similar colors


This product is made from recycled clay.
Recycled clay tiles are created by crushing discarded glazed tiles and mixing them with raw clay and recycled water to create stronger, more durable clay tiles without compromising the planet.

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