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Ecological Dekton counter certified Zero Carbon Footprint - Avorio

Ecological Dekton counter certified Zero Carbon Footprint - Avorio

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Turnkey service for plans, quotes and installation of new counters.
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The price displayed is for informational purposes only. Several project variants can be reflected in the total amount of the quote, such as cutouts according to the configuration of your cabinets, cascading returns, 45 degree junctions, optimization of counter pieces in a single slab or not.


Plain and satin color

Standard :
323 x 145cm
324 x 146cm

Thickness available

The Dekton collection to which this product belongs holds the Carbon Neutral certification for the entire product life cycle.

Ecological characteristics
99% recycled water for manufacturing thanks to a continuous circular filtration system that saves every drop.

0% Water Discharge: The manufacturing process is zero water waste. No drop of water or chemicals are spilled into rivers or oceans.

100% renewable energy consumption.

At least 20% recycled materials in the composition of the product, including the addition of glass.

delivery time

Measurements, manufacturing and installation in 15 working days.

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