Interior design support service

Interior design support service

Coaching service by our interior designers who are experts in the field for people who are autonomous in certain areas of their renovation project but who need to be guided and/or accompanied on specific subjects such as advice on the choice of materials and coatings, general explanations of the field, help at certain technical levels.

The objective is to take advantage of the advice of certified experts in the field to ensure the success of your project.

You are free to separate your bank of hours according to your needs. This can be 5 one-hour meetings, or a cumulative of 30-minute calls, or deducting time from your bank of hours so that we can take care of certain research or idealization on our side.

It is an adaptive service according to the need of your unique project.

The hours are calculated in a file provided for this purpose and we send you the summary of the hours at the end of each stage covered together.

Anne Grillot, chief designer, will contact you by telephone the next working day following confirmation of the purchase to establish a time slot for a first appointment.

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