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Online professional training on limewash paint - Mastering artisanal know-how

About the Product


You obtain :

  • Full access to online training
    (value of $350)
  • A color guide
    (value of $40)
  • An advice guide
    (value of $50)
  • A 1L container of whitewash paint ($55)
  • 3 essential tools for your experiments: small brush ($8), sponge ($7) and painter's mitt ($10).
Total value $520.00




The basic ingredient: lime

  • What is lime?
  • The characteristics of lime paint
  • The different types of lime-based paints

Visual and aesthetic impact

  • Possible decorative finishes and their integration
  • THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to choosing the perfect color

Practical considerations for your project

  • Application limitations depending on the type of property
  • ADVICE GUIDES to determine the surfaces to paint
  • Project Area Preparation Steps

Tips for impeccable details

  • Tips for perfect edges and corners
  • Advanced techniques for professional finishes
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes

Learning advanced techniques

  • Learn the ancestral crossed technique
  • Learn the rounding technique
  • Learn artistic technique
  • Learn trained technique

Post-project: ensuring durability and beauty of painted surfaces

  • Types of protection
  • Immediate cleaning
  • Care for painted surfaces

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our professional-caliber training designed for artisan painters and for qualified enthusiasts wishing to deepen their skills in the field.


Perfect your technical skills and develop an artistic approach

Enrich your professional practices by exploring creative and innovative applications

Strengthen your expertise and perfect your knowledge in a field that values ​​ecology and authenticity.

STARTER KIT : It will be delivered to you by mail 3 to 5 days before the opening date of the online course.

  • A small 1L container of lime paint ideal for the practical testing part.
  • 3 different tools: a small brush, a comfortable grip sponge and a mitten glove

You are advised to obtain supports for the practical part, either white cardboard from a stationery store or recycled boards that you have in your possession.

COURSE FORMAT: Videos, visual examples and descriptive texts

PERSONALIZED SUPPORT: Depending on your learning, you will obtain an email address to which you can write to us at any time if you have additional questions that could be beneficial to the success of your project.

PURCHASE: Siena lime paint and tools are available online via the tab provided for this purpose.

$350.00 CAD
$350.00 CAD
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