Cotto Tiera terracotta clay tile 4X4., 100% natural, for tiling

Cotto Tiera terracotta clay tile 4X4., 100% natural, for tiling

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Glazed and fired, you'll love these natural clay tiles for their clean lines, durable finish and low maintenance. Clay patterned tiles are a more "livable" version of high maintenance cement tiles. They are also much easier to install and require no joints! Since our clay patterned tiles are designed to be a low-maintenance alternative to cement tiles, you can use these beauties almost anywhere.

Size : 4″x4”
Color : Tiera
Thickness : 1/2"
Finishing : Unsealed
Texture : Smooth/Non-slip
1 sq. ft. : 9 pcs
Variant : V3 (Moderate variation)


Cotto is a dense product that does not require sealing. In some cases, applying a sealer can actually damage Cotto tiles. Because Cotto tiles are so dense, it can be difficult for a thick sealer to penetrate properly and dry evenly across the face of the tile. As a result, the sealer will eventually flake off the surface.

Only penetrating sealers should be used on Cotto.

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