We use 100% natural and ecological lime paint which absorbs CO2 during application.

Releases no VOC emissions.

Thanks to innovation with graphene fibers, the paint is more resistant and durable.

For healthy environments.

Possibility of adding a sealant or natural wax for superior protection.

Voir nos réalisations
  • Brandy Garnett

  • Dusky Sand

  • Ash Gray

  • Linen

  • organic green

  • oxide

  • paja

  • roseland

  • Shy Ivory

  • Earth Clay

  • Vintage Blue

  • Warm Sand

We work on projects that challenge us.

Through our objective of beautifying your daily life with warm and natural finishes, we are committed to our projects on a human scale.

Among the geographical areas served:
Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Estrie, Gatineau, Quebec, Toronto, Florida, Miami

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    Cargo method = loaded effect

    The Cargo method is the most artistic of the 3 methods due to the superposition of several different textures for the same application. It is used to define an industrial and masculine style, but also for more spectacular projects such as restaurants or public spaces.

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    Bruma method = cloudy effect

    The Bruma method adapts well to several decors. It is useful for those who want to have a textured wall painting in the general sense, without too specific a style. We often found it arranged with modern fittings, new constructions, bedrooms, children's areas, etc.

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    Cruz method = exotic effect

    The limewash method is the best known and most widespread in the field. The crossed brush movement is ideal for a Southern-style finish. We often find it for Japandi, Wabi-Sabi designs, which include natural fibers and raw materials.

  • Eugenia Xinos

  • Nancy Manzi

  • Anne Grillot

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