Working with materials is our specialty.

Because all projects have their share of specificities, we have acquired solid experience in this area, depending on the many different supports that can receive coating, as well as in-depth knowledge of our products.

Our know-how guarantees you quality work.

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Art & Passion

Decorative coatings are applied using an artisanal method which cannot be improvised by a general practitioner. The aesthetic beauty of the finished product, like a work of art as a whole, is the result of careful, meticulous and artistic work. The members of our team work with heart and commitment to meet your expectations.

Provide healthy environments.

It is important for us to leave you with an interior where life is good. Our products are natural, ecological and sustainable. For lovers of polished concrete, discover the alternative of choice.

Refresh without demolishing everything.

The application of lime plaster and clay plaster is possible on existing tiling to reduce waste during a renovation project, whether for showers, backsplashes or flooring. .

We work on projects that challenge us.

Through our objective of beautifying your daily life with warm and natural finishes, we are committed to our projects on a human scale.

Among the geographical areas served:
Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Estrie, Gatineau, Quebec, Toronto, Florida, Miami

  • Supported jobs

    ✓ Decorative wall

    ✓ Counter

    ✓ Backsplash

    ✓ Shower walls

    ✓ Work plan

    ✓ Fireplace mantle

    ✓ Furniture

    ✓ Stairs

    ✓ Floor

    ✓ Kitchen hood

  • Good to know

    ✓ Time required to complete the work: between 3 and 5 days

    ✓ Lime coating gives the same effect as the application of polished concrete but it is 100% ecological

    ✓ The lime coating is permeable to water vapor and allows its support to breathe

    ✓ Custom colors

    ✓ Possibility of applying a completely waterproof varnish when required.

    ✓ Installs on existing tiles.

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  • Alexandre Jimenez

  • Nancy Manzi

  • Anne Grillot

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