Decorative coating projects on fireplace (polished concrete effect)

We have the workforce of professional craftsmen specialized to carry out your project at home.

We work with ecological products for the well-being of the built environment and the occupants.

Our products are based on lime or clay. For fans of polished concrete: be converted to a healthy solution for your home that is just as effective, if not better!


✓ Time required to complete the work: between 3 and 5 days

✓ Our coatings are permeable to water vapor and allow the support to breathe

✓ Several color choices available and tailor-made

✓ Possibility of applying a completely waterproof varnish when required.

✓ Places on old tiles

  • Lime plaster

  • Clay plaster

  • Venetian stucco

  • Lime paint

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  • Concrete A

  • Concrete B

  • Concrete C

  • Mist A

  • Mist B

  • Mist C

  • Brick A

  • Brick B

  • Brick C

  • Japandi

  • Light shade

  • White

  • Gray Shadow A

  • Gray Shadow B

  • Gray Shadow C

  • Sand A

  • Sand B

  • Sand C

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Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, Estrie

We serve several regions of Quebec. You will be directed to the certified specialist in our network belonging to your region once the quote request has been completed and approved.

  • Eugenia Xinos

  • Alexandre Jimenez

  • Nancy Manzi

  • Anne Grillot

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