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LEED Ecologically Certified Patterned Porcelain Tile - 8 X 8 - Classic #2

LEED Ecologically Certified Patterned Porcelain Tile - 8 X 8 - Classic #2

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Produced from Italy which mimic the popular early 20th century painted tiles all over Europe. They have long been produced by hand. Having fallen into disuse, they are currently making a remarkable comeback in decorative projects in the form of porcelain tiles.

Dimensions of porcelain:


Ecological characteristics:

100% Reuse of wastewater in the production cycle.
Reduced overall water consumption and not a drop of water is wasted: all wastewater is purified and reused at maximum efficiency.

100% of the manufacturer's waste is reused or destined for selective collection.

Each tile contains a minimum of 20% recycled materials.

- EPD Certification
- EcoLabel certified
- Green Building Council

This product can be used for building projects that follow the GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL guidelines and can help achieve LEED V4 rating:
- Disclosure and optimization of construction products - Sourcing of raw materials (1 point)
- Porcelain stoneware can contribute to the management of construction waste because the recyclable material and
especially that the packaging used does not exceed 2.5% of the total weight of an average offer.
Packaging waste can reach at least a value of less than 2 kg (with option 2 this helps to reduce waste because less than 12.2 kg/mq of building.

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