Eco-certified Terrazzo Effect Porcelain Tile - 24 X 24 - Pearl

Eco-certified Terrazzo Effect Porcelain Tile - 24 X 24 - Pearl

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The art of Venetian terrazzo at your fingertips. The surfaces of this collection take up the chromatic and granulometric variety of this traditional material.

Dimensions of porcelain:


Ecological characteristics:

100% recycled cooked and raw waste
Maximum reduction of waste and total recovery of waste from the production process: a real commitment to respect for the environment.

100% recycled industrial water
Reduced overall water consumption and not a drop of water is wasted: all wastewater is purified and reused at maximum efficiency.

Cardboard and packaging: 100% recyclable materials
All packaging used by the manufacturer is made from recyclable materials, including all purchased cardboard.

ISO 17889-1 certified
The ISO 17889-1 standard determines a single international standard for assessing the environmental, social and economic impact of ceramic tiles throughout their life cycle.

This product can be used for construction projects that follow the guidelines of the GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL and can contribute to obtaining the LEED V4 assessment of buildings in different areas: sustainable sites, materials and resources, quality of the internal environment.

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