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Leveling plaster for walls and floors - Stonat range

Leveling plaster for walls and floors - Stonat range

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Stonat Wall/Floor Leveling is a quick-drying 1 hour leveling and filling filler.
It applies to:
- Old tiles (after a coat of Stonat Primer Water )
- Old ceiling
- Floors
- Structured walls
It is suitable for floors and walls in damp environments.


5Kg container

1. Pour 1 kg of Stonat Wall/Floor Compound into 0.6 liters of water.
2. Let stand 2-5 minutes.
3. Stir to obtain a homogeneous mixture without lumps.
4. If the mixture is too liquid, add Stonat wall/floor leveling plaster (the mixed plaster must be able to
stay in place on a trowel held vertically).
5. The mixture can be used for approximately 35 minutes.
6. Completely fill and level the holes using a smoothing trowel or spatula.
7. Sand any irregularities once the plaster has hardened (using a sanding grid or
80 grit sandpaper).
8. If any imperfections remain, reapply a coat of Stonat Wall/Floor Leveling.
9. Carefully remove the fine dust present on the surface using a simple broom.

Depends on the thickness. Example on tiles +/- 1kg / m²

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