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Ecological and natural lime paint with textured effect for decorative walls - Siena by Graphenstone

Ecological and natural lime paint with textured effect for decorative walls - Siena by Graphenstone

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This natural lime-based paint product is specially designed to create limewash effects. It is known for giving you a professional finish with easy do-it-yourself application.

Purchase includes the container of lime paint AND the container of liquid pigment associated with the chosen color to mix together.

Additional liquid pigments can be purchased for custom color blends.

Exceptional quality product at less than $1 per foot/square.

Finished carpet.

Coverage: 12 m2 / Liter or 130 m2 / Liter

Find out how to achieve 3 different effects (Cruz, Bruma, Cargo) just by changing your application type using the following tools


One container covers 240 square feet.

This product of lime paints absorb CO 2
during the curing process.

Ecological product with a natural base and no VOC emissions.

Thanks to the innovation with graphene fibers, it is more resistant and durable.

Formula improved through innovation with graphene fibers.

Suitable for work in interior walls and ceilings.

Eco-friendly attributes


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