Waterproof varnish for Stonat lime plaster kit

Waterproof varnish for Stonat lime plaster kit

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Stonat Protect Plus is a two-component matte PU varnish in an aqueous phase, for coatings in the Stonat range, forming a permanent barrier resistant to impacts, dirt as well as chemical agents and bad weather. It can be applied indoors and outdoors. It is particularly suitable for showers, worktops and furniture. It is ideal for protecting your Stonat coatings and guarantees their durability over time.

The use of this varnish allows:

  • Very good adhesion on Stonat compound for Lime and clay
  • Does not yellow
  • Its alkaline, dirt, dust and UV resistance
  • Its resistance to chemical attacks
  • Its water vapor permeability (Sd 0.295(m)), compatible with building physics, particularly eco-construction solutions

For long-term protection and aesthetic appearance, it is recommended to clean Stonat Protect Plus using Stonat Clean (diluted).


Should be applied in 2 coats. Use only half of the 2 components for the first coat and redo the other half of the mixture for the 2nd coat.

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